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  • Leave The Past​ - ​The feeling of a car, house, or loan denial days should be a thing of the past. Say goodbye to denials and sky high interest rates. 

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  • Change Your Future - Your dream car or house is a lot closer than you think.. Sometimes taking one step could change your life and your future. ​

  • See Results 99 percent of individuals that apply the information in my e-book see a dramatic improvement in their credit score. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Credit | taught by Amber Jones


If you're looking reach your financial goals whether it is purchasing a home or starting a business, you need to have a good credit score and this e-book will drastically shorten your learning curve on how this is possible! 


We provide you with step by step instructions so it’ll be like we’re right there in your living room, delivering over-the-shoulder guidance.


What do you have to do? Simple! 


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Stories Of A Few Of The Thousands Of People That We've Helped & Changed Their Lives By Building Their Credit:​

Briana Green

Harlem Globe Trotter

Pro Basketball Player

Malcolm Armstead

Professional Basketball Player

Business Owner

Summer Seamons

 Current Life Key Client

Van Phillips Jr.

Owner of What My Teacher Wears

Jasmine Felder

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Owner of Joining Cords Rentals

Christian Watford

Professional Basketball Player

Life Key Client New Home Owner

Pornesha Armstead

Julius Graham

Rhonda Jones

*Update- She is now a homeowner!!

Who Is Amber Jones?


During my career as a Professional Basketball Player, I never understood the importance of Credit. It wasn’t until it was time for me to get my 1st car in 2014, where I had my Credit pulled by multiple lenders only to have a sky high interest rate. That experience stuck with me. Afterwards, I knew I needed Credit but didn’t know how to go about getting it.


After I injured my foot and my career was over as a professional athlete I was studying to go to medical school while taking a tax and financial class to learn more and help my brother who was playing in the NFL at the time. After I was able to raise his credit score over 200 plus points in only 6 months, I realized that I really enjoyed the process of helping him improve his credit.


As I continued to help him, I discovered my purpose. I immediately ditched medical school and began taking classes to learn more about the in’s and out’s of the Credit Repair Industry.


Since then I’ve helped thousands of people just like you, reach their goals of owning their dream house, dream car, or starting their dream business.


My business has a 5 star rating on google and is one of the few credit repair businesses who are accredited by the BBB with an A + rating. My company is also a part of the National Credit Consultants association and many more.


My number one goal has always been to service my clients in the best way possible. Being that credit is not taught in school, I strive to educate my clients as much as possible. 


After all, our goal should be generational wealth. Spending a couple hours learning and implementing everything in my e-book, could aid in changing the outlook of generational wealth in your entire family. 



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Proves Why Our Business Is A 5 Star Google Rated Business With an A+ BBB Rating! 

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Alicia White

Hair Stylist and Current Client

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